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At I.C.C. we have assembled a very talented, highly-credentialed, experienced, diverse, and multigenerational team.  In addition to our professional experiences, our team’s educational background is extremely distinguished. Our educational experiences have given our team the foundation to excel in our client engagements. 

Kevin DaVaugh, BA, MBA

Senior Corporate Development Executive
Business Growth & Global Markets

"In my role as a Senior Corporate Executive for I.C.C., I'm responsible for developing I.C.C. vision and structure emphasizing company values, and collaborating with global executives in developing a competitive strategy to grow and add value to the company growth."


 "I have earned my bachelor’s degree from the USC Marshall School of Business, and then went on to earn my MBA at Woodbury University. Since joining I.C.C. I've been designing and implementing the financial and operational strategies for I.C.C. global market growth."


"Being a top business consultant and wealth planner, i'm looking forward to helping I.C.C. in reaching their financial and business goals, using my skills in micro, small & large business research and development, and building procedures that reflect the values of the company."

Shawnah Smith, BA

Senior Solutions Development Executive
Business, Financial Specialist & Licensed Life Agent

"Becoming a part of the I.C.C. team has undoubtedly filled a need I had in my life to be a part of something bigger than me. After earning my Bachelor degree I spent most of my professional career before I.C.C. in the intense corporate world as a human resource and program manager."


"I learned the vital importance of meeting people where they are, building relationships, communication and embracing change. After a lot of thought, I decided to remove myself from the rat race and became my own boss."


"I made the decision to build my own business, and dip my toes into the corporate world again, I knew I wanted to do something the help improve the lives of others as well as to maintain a healthy work-life balance. I was fortunate enough to make a connection with I.C.C. and am thrilled to be a part of this amazing team helping propel the individual and business goals of our clients."

Karen Bonet, BA, MBA

Senior Solutions Development Executive
Military Transitions & Development Instructor

Karen’s extensive background in personal assurance, leadership, and military transitioning includes time spent serving clients globally. As a leader, she believes transparent, authentic communication helps the firm and its clients move forward, creating a seamless experience and inspiring careers for military, retired service members and their dependents. 


Karen’s roots in leadership and career services helped her grow through the ranks to E7, while serving in the U.S. Army. Karen takes on the responsibility of overseeing the firm’s quality development knowing that quality is a result of a strong culture. 


She loves taking on new challenges and getting to know the people she helps along the way. Karen helps redefine the success model for I.C.C. and influences the industry overall.

“I.C.C.’s entrepreneurial spirit is critical to our clients transformation journey. With an ever-changing economy, we are constantly forging the way to help our clients experience change that feels seamless.”


Karen helps I.C.C. continue to build a stronger future through its focus on family succession and growth. She holds a Bachelor & Master Degree in business from Texas A&M University.



Danny Snithe


Born in Sydney and with over 20 years of experience in building brands in overseas markets and turning them ‘international first’ businesses, Danny possesses extensive knowledge of the UK & EU markets, as well as experience in the US, and APAC regions. Through his deep-dive philosophy into other cultures’ processes and procedures, he brings a rare entrepreneurial zeal to I.C.C. international business launch process.

Having a strong grasp of the risk-reward paradigm. Danny steers a steady ship in navigating the headwinds on the way to global success.


Noah Jackman


Noah is a Chartered Accountant with around 22 years of experience across Accounting, Finance, Taxation and Audits in the multicultural environment. A Systems trainer in SAP, Oracle Hyperion, Sun Systems, Vision Suite, Xero, Quick books, MYOB and similar financial software. Successfully trained I.C.C. clients corporate employees in the above software and an expert in cracking financial data into meaningful financial reports. Working with I.C.C. clients across Australia, New Zealand, United States and Canada.


Tessara Vacy


Tessara is a global growth marketing expert with over 15 years experience in all forms of online marketing, including B2B and B2C.

She has worked with large and small brands and has experience getting companies to scale in both local and international markets.

One of her specialties is helping I.C.C. work smarter and increase their own market valuation, so that during investment rounds or exits – they can get the most favorable deal.

Tessara is also a marketing technology expert, and helps I.C.C. work out what tools will allow them to grow quicker and reduce time spent, and in what order they should be implemented.


Simone Morrow

Chief Admin Officer


Jordan Bell

Social Engagement Manager


Kelvin Wilson

IT Design Manager


Joni Connor

Executive Assistant

Extraco Bank Building

100 W. Central Texas Expressway

Suite 200A

Harker Heights, Texas


Oasis Building

75 Surf Parade, Broadbeach QLD 4218, Australia


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