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The I.C.C. Success Academy Collective is owned & operated by it's member's. This Collective is supported by its members to build enterprise, and provides economic development training, benefits and awards to approved collective member's


The benefits of our collective goes far beyond each member. Here's why you should consider membership in the collective.

Workshop & Training:

As a member of the I.C.C. Success Academy Collective you'll receive exclusive business and executive workshops & training in Consumer Marketing, Brand Management, CEO leadership and more at no additional cost to you. The value more than $10,000 savings to you...that's a promise!


People like to do business with people they know, more importantly, help them to know you. The collective is also made up of a board of executive leaders, who provide great networking opportunities along with professional leadership development.


Through the Collective get many marketing and promotional opportunities, we help you reach consumers. Creative and dynamic advertising opportunities exist through social media at no additional cost to you. As a collective member, we'll provide workshops tailored to help scale your personal goals or business needs. You'll gain access to a comprehensive edge over non-members with exclusive workshop opportunities on an array of topics, including marketing, social media, financial, wealth, asset building, and much more.


Demonstrate your commitment to the public, and raise your reputation through membership. Joining the Collective sends a message that you or your business operates using sound ethical practices and as a leader in your community. According to a recent study: if a consumer knows that a person is a member of a professional collective, receives benefits from a 51% increase in consumer awareness, a 57% increase in its local reputation, and a 63% increase in the likelihood that consumers will patronize the business or personal services in the future.

Civic Responsibility:

Many of our members believe that it is important to support the Collective through membership and sponsorship, as the Collective serves as your voice in the business community. Joining the Collective is an easy way to show support for your culture, community and ensure its strength and longevity.

Ownership Equity:

Increase your economic power through members-only ownership as a shareholder. Your membership is your investment to your own growth. All mentoring, training workshops and meetings are included in your membership, saving you thousands of dollars to be used to build your own net worth.

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